Wardrobe Workshop

Design your wardrobe, What's newCoralie Grillet

Are you ready to make 2019 the year of your dream wardrobe?

If so, we have the perfect project for you! We've created a special workshop that will help you build and sew your personalised capsule wardrobe in no time.

Wearologie's Wardrobe Workshop - Learn how you can create your own wardrobe with our 4 weeks long series on Wearologie.com

During this four-weeks workshop, you'll create something incredible: A 100% personalised capsule wardrobe which will make you feel amazing and will let your true self shine bright. Let us guide you on the road to elevate your sewing and make your wardrobe goals a reality.

And best of all, the whole workshop is absolutely free!


Excited to take part in the Wardrobe Workshop?
Share your thoughts, sewing plans and wardrobe goals with us on social media! Use #wardrobeworkshop and tag @wearologie so we can all marvel over your achievements.