Frequently asked questions

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How do digital patterns work?

A digital pattern contains exactly the same content you would find in a printed pattern, except you can download and start using it instantly. The files are all .pdf and can be read and printed with a variety of different programs.

The pattern was tiled to fit on A4 or Us Letter paper. You just need to print and assemble it to make it whole before using it. The main thing to remember is to check the test square before printing the entire file to make sure the size is correct. It's that simple!

All our designs also come with clear and thorough step-by-step instructions. With them, we hope to take the guesswork out of garment making and help you achieve beautiful results you'll be proud to wear.

What size paper do I need to print digital patterns?

Our pattern can be printed in either International A4 or US Letter paper. The only thing to remember is to check the test square before printing the whole file to make sure the size is correct.

I've printed the pattern file but I'm not sure how to assemble it?

An illustrated and step-by-step blog post on the subject can be found here.

Is seam allowance included in your patterns?

Yes, seam allowance is included in all our patterns. Please, refer to the instructions provided with the pattern to find out how wide they are.

What measurement unit is used in your patterns?

All our pattern's measurements are in centimeters (cm). If you need to convert the measurements to inches just make it times 0.393 and round up or down as necessary. For example, a bust of 92 cm x 0.393 = 36.15 inches, so rounded up it equals 36 1/4 inches.

Can I sell items made from your patterns? Can I start a clothing line with your patterns?

No, all our patterns are protected by copyright and belong exclusively to Wearologie.

You may use our patterns for domestic use only. Note also that all the contents of all of our designs (including instructions, photos & diagrams) are subject to the same conditions.

Any reproduction or commercial use of any of Wearologie's products or designs is prohibited.