We design sewing patterns so you can create your elements of style...

As a modern maker, you're always looking at creating the best possible wardrobe. At Wearologie we take your need very seriously which makes us believe in the power of great designs. The kind of timeless designs with that special something that makes you want to own it in every colour known to man. Every model is created and fitted for the modern woman with a passion for beautiful lines and silhouettes as well as a special attention to details.


More mastery

We’re committed in helping people of all abilities to make their own high quality fashion by guiding them and teaching them the necessary skills to create beautiful crafted clothing. This is why a special consideration was put on creating easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and taking the guesswork out of garment making.

A new kind of fashion company

We also believe that the fashion industry needs a rethink. Making your own wardrobe is an innovative way to wear fashion and it offers a real alternative solution to traditional models. That way, quality and designer wear isn’t just for a selected few but can be part of your life too.

Unique like you

By taking power and doing it yourself you can create an unique style that fits perfectly your lifestyle and body. No more seing the same design you just bought on ten different people, your wardrobe will be one-of-a-kind just like you.


Who's behind Wearologie?

A Swiss fashion designer from Geneva, Coralie is passionate about creating the perfect handmade wardrobe. 
Her adventure started on Stitch-N-Smile.com, in 2013, as a side project while working in a jewellery atelier. Blogging allowed her to share her creative projects alongside tips to make them. And it very quickly became a passion...
With the idea of making sewing and designing part of her day job, she spent a year studying fashion design in university.
Now, her time is spent between designing new collections, sewing tons of samples and helping the modern maker transform their garments into designer wear by creating visual and thorough step-by-step instructions.