Make yourself a Nivis!

NewsCoralie Grillet

Have you ever felt like you needed a creative outlet to cope with all the stress our modern society is throwing at us?

Maybe you’re tired of buying tons of clothes that don’t fit, don’t last and were made disregarding basic human rights?

Whatever the reason, at Wearologie, we believe that making your own, personalised and handmade wardrobe is always the answer!

Nivis - Process.jpg

As a result, we create beautiful sewing patterns for the modern maker to help them create proudly their own clothes and be the change they want to see in the world.

Today we are introducing Nivis, the first pattern from Wearologie, a very comfortable raglan crop top designed for stretch fabrics.


If you were ever in search of a great wardrobe staple to complete your closet, Nivis is the pattern for you!

Perfect as an extra layer for winter, its versatility makes it also a useful transition piece for warmer weather as a light but oh so comfortable sweater to wear during the long and sometimes chilly nights. The loose and relaxed look of the 3/4 raglan sleeves are very flattering to all figures. With its wide base, they also are spot on trend and will give you an effortlessly modern style in all situations.

Its design is very easily customisable and allows for some interesting colour or motif combination.

Imagine Nivis made with a sparkly contrasting fabric. It would be the perfect layering piece to wear on top of your New year’s eve outfit. Or make it in some quilted knit fabric and it becomes a snug layer to put on Christmas day and open your presents in style. You would just need a cup of hot cocoa and the picture is complete.


This picture is not just a dream, it can become reality today! Whether you’re just starting out sewing or you have already sewn yourself a whole closet full of clothes, Nivis is just a click away.

If you’re just starting out, the versatile design of this crop top is perfect for the advanced beginner who's looking for an easy, quick project. Plus the thorough step-by-step instructions and clearly explained techniques will make you feel like everything is demystified so you can confidently make your own.


And if Nivis isn’t your first make, tricks and tips given throughout the pattern will help you to quickly achieve a professional look and be proud of your achievement.

Assembled in just a few hours from cutting the fabric to wearing it, you’ll be wearing yours in no time. Just the thing for a quick last minute gift or to complete your holiday outfit. And if all this wasn’t enough, in addition to the instruction booklet, detailed and photo illustrated tutorials will be published here on Wearologie.com to give you the extra confidence you need to tackle this make.

Want to make your own today?

Nivis is now available as an instantly downloadable pdf file. Just print your copy at home, follow the instructions to assemble the pattern and you’re ready to sew yourself some comfy goodness.

And because every achievement deserves to be celebrated, don’t forget to share yours with the hashtag #niviswearologie so we can all rave over your creation.
We look forward to see you proudly wearing your Nivis!