It’s time for a Fashion Revolution!

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This week, Makers from all around the world will be joining forces to support the Fashion Revolution!
The goal of this movement? Bring awareness and gain greater transparency for the fashion supply chain by asking brands and manufacturers how and by whom your clothes were made.

It's time for a fashion revolution! Join us in creating a more sustainable world by designing your dream wardrobe yourself. More infos and sewing patterns on Wearologie.com

How it all started?

Started 5 years ago, this movement was born out of necessity in 2013 after the Rana Plaza factory collapsed which killed 1,138 people and injured many more.
Deeply aware that the whole fashion industry needed a rethink, a huge campaign was launched to help fight the flawed system which created and still creates so many casualties.

At Wearologie, we know that ultimately one of the best way to help the industry is by taking the power and creating your own clothes. Not only is it a chance to customise your wardrobe to fit your body and personal needs, but it’s also a much more sustainable way of producing garments in the long run. This reasoning is at the base of our company and we are committed to help as many people as possible making this dream a reality.

How can I participate?

Ways of spreading the word are endless. Simply talking about it with your friends and family will already go a long way. However, there’s also more committed ways of helping by taking the conversation to social media.
On Instagram, take a picture of your clothing label and ask the brand #whomademyclothes? Sharing your favourite makes with the world is also an option and there’s lots of different photoalong you can join. You can download here a printable « I made my clothes » poster to proudly pose with it.
Don’t forget to tag @wearologie, @fashrev and use the hashtag #makersforfashrev whenever you’re posting about this topic.

Thanks to you, the Fashion Revolution is now growing strong!
If you want to learn more and help fuel the revolution, please visit the organisation's website.