Get your fabric stash organised (with our free fabric tags!)

SewingCoralie Grillet

Addicted to fabric? Us too! 

Because, let’s face it, it’s not humanly possible to resist taking home with you a few souvenirs when you visit a fabric shop! Plus, it’s always best to be prepare because you never know when inspiration strikes and you just have to make yourself a dress in the middle of the night! ;-)


However, sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming having all these beautiful possibilities and not even knowing they are there, buried at the bottom of a box.

Here’s why, even if you have the biggest and most out of control stash possible, you can easily tame it with our super useful fabric tags. 


We understand the hassle that is organising a sewing space and want to help! So, we lovingly created these tags and are offering them as free, beautiful templates you can download and print right away. 


They’re very easy to fill out and contain all the information you’ll ever need on each piece of fabric. Plus, there's even have a special place to put care and handling infos. You know, the ones that generally get lost once the fabric is stored away and forgotten. 

So say no more to an unruly, messy stash!


Now, you can conveniently organise all your beautiful fabrics and say hello to a brand new tidied sewing room!