Customising Aestiva

DesignCoralie Grillet

Are you planning on sewing Aestiva? With two different versions to choose from and the possibility of matching your fabric choice to your taste and mood, making your clothes yourself can be really exciting!
So you can plan your sleeveless vest, we’ll share with you some inspiration, ideas and tips to get you started on your next make.


First, we have some great news for you! To make choosing your fabric and supplies a breeze, we’ve created a handy style sheet you can download for free.
This useful ressource will allow you to check you have all you need for sewing Aestiva. You can also have some fun colouring the technical drawing to see if your fabric and lining combo is working for you.
Once completed, you’ll have a handy reference to proudly display next to your sewing machine, as well as all the necessary information to get you properly started.


Now when deciding on which fabric and lining to choose, the possibilities are endless! 
If you’re sewing a version you’ll wear during the summer, a light chambray, a delicate silk or a crisp linen will be great. For colder months or climat, a lush satin wool, a striking jacquard or even a striped coton will look amazing.
To make a truly dramatic statement piece, dare to play with patterned fabric. You can also decide to cleverly match the interior to your piping for a subtle, yet very elegant reminder. This is definitely attention to details at its best!
Remember also that having an unexpected colour or motif inside, will make for a true conversation piece. So do not be afraid to be bold when selecting your lining.

Now in true fashion design style and to help jump start your creativity, we’ve put together three mini mood boards, along with the sketch they inspired.

Get ready to be inspired for your next Aestiva!

Let’s dive into the perfection that is the colour teal… Forecasted to be the next trendy colour to come our way, get ahead of the curve and create a sleeveless vest using this elegant shade.
Reminiscing of breathtaking Van Gogh’s painting created during his orientalist period, we long to get wrapped into a silky long version of Aestiva. Together with a contrasting coral piping, you’re bound to make a true show stopper.


Endless landscape of sand dunes are magical and enigmatic sights. Dust off a nice light blue fabric and give it some edge with a sandy beige piping. This short version of Aestiva will look even better with a striped lining calling back memories of wavy lines created by the wind.


Who doesn’t love to gaze at the sky and simply watch the stars all night long? Inspired by long and warm summer nights, this 3/4 length version features gold piping elegantly underlining the waistband. Pair this trim with a gorgeous deep blue fabric and you've got the receipt for a magnificent Aestiva.


Have you decided which version you’re going to make? 
Don’t forget to share your Aestiva with us on social media by tagging @wearologie and using the hashtag #aestivavest. We look forward to see your creation!