Choosing fabric for Prism

DesignCoralie Grillet

When you make your own clothes, the most exciting part is to choose and personnalise your next make!

Our latest pattern Prism is very easily customisable. Its clean lines and the very graphic central panel is the perfect opportunity to showcase your most beautiful fabrics. By simply coordinating your fabric choice with your mood or the occasion you plan on wearing your dress, you can quickly create an infinite number of possibilities. The hardest part will be to choose which one to make first!


All the fabrics shown here are available at Tissu&Co, a lovely online (and in brick and mortar too!) Swiss fabric store. There you can find all you need to make the Prism of your dreams.


Perfect for a party dress, the beautiful french terry fabric from Atelier Brunette aptly named Twinkle night, will make you a festive yet, very comfortable version. By adding some gold trim into the seams, it will fully coordinate with the gold dots on the fabric, a match made in heaven!


Looking forward to spring? This lovely floral jersey from Art Gallery will surely help lift up your mood during the long winter nights. To help make your dress pop a little more, you could use some pink thread when topstitching, this will compliment perfectly the flowers on the fabric.


Are you more in the mood for a very graphic garment? This stylish version using french terry from See you at Six has a grid pattern which will elegantly compliment the style lines of the Prism dress. Mixed with a contrasting black fabric, this version will truly be a conversation piece wherever you'll go.

We look forward to see which version you choose to make! Don't forget to share your creation with us by using the hashtag #prismdress.

Prism - Dress
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