It’s time for a Fashion Revolution!

NewsCoralie Grillet

This week, Makers from all around the world will be joining forces to support the Fashion Revolution!
The goal of this movement? Bring awareness and gain greater transparency for the fashion supply chain by asking brands and manufacturers how and by whom your clothes were made. Want to help fuel the revolution? Read on!

Finishing touch: Overlocking and hemming

How-toCoralie Grillet

One final and crucial step before wearing your creation: hemming. 
While it can seem like a last bothersome step, you don't want to rush it as the result can really make a difference in the final look of the garment.
So, today we'll talk about how you can easily hem stretch fabric garments and get perfect results every time!

Learn to sew with stretch fabrics

How-toCoralie Grillet

Stretch or knit fabrics are by nature elastic which can make them scary or difficult to work with at first. However clothes made with them produce the most comfortable garments you'll ever make. This post will give you a few simple tips and tricks to help you become the queen of comfy wardrobe in no time!